World of 3D

The view from above is always better, isn’t it? 3D design allows not only to take a good look at the objects from any height and angle, but also to outline one’s thoughts in virtual three-dimensional space. There are plenty of its applications. Starting with small case furniture models for your own apartment to professional design-projects of multistory buildings and exteriors of whole cities.

For better understanding I will give the example of an apartment’s project in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy. Design is made by Moroz Anna, 3D design is performed by Matveyev Alexey.


What do we need for our virtual repairs? At first, these necessary things – a tape measure, a ruler, a sheet of paper and a pencil. Take measure of every ledge of the floorspace, draw a general plan of the premises and transfer it to the graphics program 3DS Max.


After that we label ceiling with a height value, emboss the walls and make window openings and doorways.


Then we begin laying out future interior from above and divide the space into zones.


It’s better to make a single project for each room. If we mean a competent visualization of high quality, the number of polygons in one scene usually exceeds 1-2 million pieces. Trying to cram the model of the whole apartment into one project, you will waste extra resources of the computer as well as your own hours of waiting.



Well, if it were so simple in real life, I’d have fewer grey hairs in my head!..


And in a graphic editor with the correct light setting and careful presentation of each object, soon you’ll get a deserved result.



Thus having got a set of snaps after virtual repairs, you will make your mind easily whether you enjoy the interior or not. Or you may talk things over with your better half and make necessary changes adding this or that detail.


Don’t waste your nerves and time on everlasting major repairs. Calculate everything up to the centimeter in the graphic editor and take the best decision.


Good luck with your repair works both real and virtual!