Canadian Girl

I guess she’s a year or somewhat older than me… Whatever! To some extent she’s more experienced, more cunning and definitely more keen-witted. Bright as button..)

She’s the one that will always be shining and overshadow everybody. The one I will always want to make happy. To surprise and show things she’s never seen..)

She was standing there with a cute smile and a challenge in her eyes.

She was standing and looking intently at me as if she was trying to know me inside out… In her eyes I noticed light and respect… I fell she was eager to help me but it wasn’t the right time yet.

She was stunning, reminded me a nymph. With a bronzed skin and easy nature, she singled out.

With the features of bellicose Amazonian she managed to remain charming and serene..)

I took the memory of her captivating eyes with me kilometers away from the coast and rejoiced like a boy. It was a dream, but I’ve seen her.. A sweet Canadian girl..)