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Don’t you agree that «volunter» is a proud name? It’s believed that not only in our country but worldwide. The volunteer work is highly respected and treated with kind of prestige. I have started my career in the Kronotsky Reserve

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Ganaly BC Camp`2014

“Don’t be afraid of a failure, be afraid of a lost opportunity!..” I opted for this phrase to begin the story of the spring’s brightest event! Since last summer I’ve been choosing painstakingly the place perfect for film-making and fantastic riding.

Tolbachik (1)

Tolbachinsky Eruption

It’s always more rewarding to try to excel your own achievements than anybody else’s. When together with my friends I was heading for that magnetic and at the same time dangerous Tolbachik volcano, I didn’t have a thought of conquering


World of 3D

The view from above is always better, isn’t it? 3D design allows not only to take a good look at the objects from any height and angle, but also to outline one’s thoughts in virtual three-dimensional space. There are plenty

Avachinsky (10)

Sunrise of the Avacha

To continue the autumn topic I’d like to recall my brightest bittersweet memory of this summer.. I’ve been crazy about spending the night in the active volcano crater for a long time, or let it sound more romantic – greeting

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Bakening BC Camp`12

Long enough have we been waiting for that event and, finally, it happened. The calendar spring didn’t prevent us from arranging the backcountry camp at the foot of the Bakening volcano. Our today’s talk will be about the first part


Canadian Girl

I guess she’s a year or somewhat older than me… Whatever! To some extent she’s more experienced, more cunning and definitely more keen-witted. Bright as button..) She’s the one that will always be shining and overshadow everybody. The one I


My happy birthday and honey lovers

I will remember my 22nd birthday for good. It’s impossible to forget that morning! Not warm sun beams woke me up but clanging and gritting of rusty barrels our furry buddies – brown bears – decided to play with. That



Life’s an amazing thing… Some people believe it is a sort of a game, others compare it with politics. Some people are eternal seekers for adventures, others appreciate what they have already got. But we all want more, don’t we?


Kamchatka weekends

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