Life’s an amazing thing… Some people believe it is a sort of a game, others compare it with politics. Some people are eternal seekers for adventures, others appreciate what they have already got. But we all want more, don’t we? More emotions, more indicators of our wellbeing, like a new car, a new dress, or rather, a new life. Well, craving for self-development, for perfection is a praiseworthy aim. However, it’s hardly admissible to all life situations.

Many of us do not pay attention to the valuable things around (mind: not valuables!), such as love and care of our relatives and friends. Everyone is busy with the pursuit of easy profit. Where is my tasty morsel? Money, fame, more and more! But, let me ask you, what for? In the long run it’ll lead to nothing and pseudo-respect will soon wane.

We all dream of winning the lottery, finding a buried treasure, unraveling the main mystery in the world or deducing the happiness formula. But our true treasure is hidden reliably among the millions of people. And to meet that only girl destined for you seems hardly possible. It’s incredibly hard to come across those few people who will give you a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, who will support you and respond truly to your call despite anything. This is priceless.

Love of the dearest person, respect of your family and friends – is the untold wealth, which one might like to conceal from strange glares… Possessing it one might want to escape for a distant island, away from mean people, traffic and street jungles. And to live, not to survive!

One shouldn’t give up on the way to success. No matter how hard it’ll be to find the treasure chest, sooner or later you’ll discover it! You might need years, you might feel lonely and weighed down under this burden … But when you get what you’ve been waiting for so long… You’ll feel so peaceful…

Bijouterie and other trinkets won’t suit us, it is beyond our format. We don’t need frauds. We don’t want to hurt people. We are searching for our treasure box. I wish we find it as soon as possible!..