Don’t you agree that «volunter» is a proud name? It’s believed that not only in our country but worldwide. The volunteer work is highly respected and treated with kind of prestige. I have started my career in the Kronotsky Reserve as a volunteer. And for already three years I’ve been working hard for the nature’s good which makes me feel extremely happy.


Volunteers on the Kronotsky Reserve are involved in every sphere: protection, research, ecological turism, и ecological education. They help Reserve researchers collect field data, participate in repair and construction work on the bases of the Reserve and South Kamchatka Sanctuary, implement new designs, produce professional photographs and films on the protected territories, and much else.


The new volunteer program provides those wishing to provide free assistance to Kronotsky Reserve with an assigned location and specific task.


Before applying, please read the following information carefully:

1) Volunteering is for no shorter a period than one month, unless otherwise specified in the conditions.
2) Volunteering is not paid.
3) The Reserve will arrange transportation of the volunteer to the territory.
4) The Reserve will not pay for flights to Kamchatka. The Reserve does not provide food, and each volunteer is required to bring all necessary food items along to the territory. Volunteer shall perform the duties specified in the agreement.
5)  If a volunteer does not meet the conditions, the Reserve will unilaterally terminate the contract, and the volunteer must independently arrange and pay for trip from the territory.
6) When submitting volunteer application, specify area and dates.


Application form.

Photo Gallery «Our Volunteers».